Dragonfly Mixed-media with the work, "Magic"

November 11, 2017

"Art is Magic," is one of my favorite pieces. But when I finished it, I wasn't happy with it. I could only see minor things I didn't like.  My boyfriend, a therapist, walked me through what I was thinking and feeling, and helped me love this piece just the way it is.

I think most artists struggle with self criticism and worrying about what others think of them. I've found "others" translates to some Greek Chorus that only exists in my head.

One of my favorite books is "The Life You Were Born to Live," by Dan Millman. He studied numerology and found a relationship between a person's birth date and their personality.  I was amazed at how exactly this book captured my personality.  My birth date numbers align to a person with "tremendous creative potential...but who needs to work through clearing their dependence on the opinions of others."

When I sold my first painting, I felt like I won the lottery.  I want to learn to feel that happy just because I pick up a paint brush each day and replenish my soul.

Gallery Wall 9-2-17

September 2, 2017

This is a picture of my very first gallery wall.  I installed it yesterday at the Charlotte Art League, just in time for their monthly Gallery Crawl.

I'd be shocked if I actually sold anything (I wasn't there the entire time). But as my boyfriend and I put away the remnants of installation work, the drill and various tools, the cardboard sizers to help with the layout, the scraps of unused paper brought to use as price tags, I wanted to jump up and down like a little kid. I was gleeful. I can't remember the last time I was gleeful. Can you?

If I never sell a thing through the Charlotte Art League, it won't matter, because that wall says to me that I AM an ARTIST. It is louder than the voice that wants to take over and says things like, "You're not good enough to be in a gallery," or, "Who are you to charge that much for a painting?"

Art brings me joy, peace and happiness like nothing else ever has. And that is priceless.


August 2, 2017

My first BLOG post.  An auspicious event!

This piece to the left was one I did very early on.  I love how it turned out.  It's actually 3-D.  The base of the clock in the upper left (11:11) is made from leftover metal nuts from some DIY project. At the time, I never imagined I would ever want to sell my work, so I used non-royalty-free images.

In the past few weeks,  not only have I learned about royalty-free images and where to find them but I've:

  • Created a website in Weebly; decided it wasn't flexible enough, and recreated this website in WordPress.
  • I designed and printed my business cards.
  • I worked on the class #HelloSoulHelloBusiness.
  • I also worked on another class (also by @KellyRaeRoberts) called #FlyingLessons for those starting a creative business.
  • I went back to my job that pays the bills after several months on medical  leave. (Art got me through that leave.)
  • I created a Facebook page and re-did my FB header to be aligned with my business.
  • I set up a date in October to teach Mixed Media at my friend's neighborhood club house.

That's a lot.  But you know what I've found...when I'm doing what I LOVE, which is anything related to my art, I have abundant energy. Doing what I LOVE keeps me in the NOW, and it is all about the NOW!  When I am fully present, I am not wasting energy on anything else.

Do you find that to be true for you?



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