The Time is Now

This painting was one of my firsts, and I love it; but I can't sell it because it has non-royalty-free images.  In the past few weeks, in addition to learning about royalty-free and a great place to find them (Wikipedia Public Domain Image Resources), I have:

  • Worked on 2 creative business classes, #FlyingLessons, by @KellyRaeRoberts and #HelloSoulHelloBusiness.
  • Created a website in Weebly; decided it wasn't flexible enough, and recreated this website in WordPress.
  • Designed and printed my business cards.
  • Went back to my job that pays the bills after several months on medical leave. (Art got me through that leave.)
  • Created a Facebook page and re-did my FB header to be aligned with my business.
  • Set up a date in October to teach Mixed Media at my friend's neighborhood club house.
  • And figured out how to make this BLOG work.

That's a lot. But you know what I've found...when I'm doing what I LOVE, which is anything related to my art, I have abundant energy. Doing what I LOVE keeps me in the NOW, and it is all about the NOW! When I am fully present, I am not wasting energy on anything else.

Do you find that to be true for you?

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