Acrylic Skins Part 1

    In this week's Wednesday Workshop Video, I demonstrate how to begin making an acrylic skin. I got impatient, and didn't let it fully dry, so this video doesn't show the end result. I will create a "Part 2" video next week that shows the fully dried acrylic skin and how you can work with it.

    As a recovering perfectionist, it was hard to let go of the imperfection of the video being incomplete.

    Then in a synchronistic moment, I read a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert: "Perfection is unachievable:  It's a myth and a trap and a hamster wheel that will run you to death."

    That gave me the insight that I could simply turn this video into a 2-part series.

    I challenge you to practice imperfection this week.  Perfectionism kills creativity. 

    Have an imperfect week!

    Here are pictures of acrylic skins I've done in the past.  I cut them into a circle and pasted each half of the circle onto 2 canvases.




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