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Heather Burnell - Mixed Media Artist
Artist Statement

Heather Burnell Mixed-Media Artist

My motto is, “A day without creativity isn’t over yet.”

I always knew I was Creative, with a capital "C." But I never thought of myself as an artist. However, when I went on meditative retreats, I found myself quietly drawing.  This evolved into teaching myself how to draw with water color pencils.  I found that drawing was a way to shut off my brain and be fully in the moment.

The water color journey led to a desire to learn Mixed Media. I had purchased a Mixed Media painting from an artist who offered online classes, and my learning began the day I Googled her and purchased a class.

I have painted almost every day since then. It has become like breathing for me.  A descriptor for my art and business is, “Positivity.” Much of the work I’ve done has a positive word or phrase featured. 

I’m a member of Charlotte Art League (CAL) and display and sell my work in their Gallery. Through CAL, I’ve had opportunities to display and sell my work in various venues around Charlotte. I also sell work through The Bag Lady in Charlotte and Artworks Vass in Vass, NC.

On a personal level, I’m the Mom of 2 grown sons, I work in Corporate America, and I have a loving boyfriend who is very supportive of my art journey.

Email: Heather@HeatherBurnell.com

Instagram: @Heather_Burnell_Art

Facebook: @HeatherBurnellArtist