Commissions - Uniquely For You

In addition to taking commissions based on work that previously sold, I can create a custom commission just for you!  Keep scrolling for examples of custom commissions I've done.

The person who requested the above piece sent me many pictures from her life. She wanted them collaged as a background, but did not necessarily want them all visible.  She wanted the above quote and sunflowers.  See this blog post for all the details of how I created this piece.

This was a fun idea, from a very fun person, my friend, Lil!  She is a quilt artist (check out her website, here).  She commissioned me to create the above two pieces.  Fabricadabra means: "To take a piece of fabric and magically turn it into a master piece."  Proquiltinate means: "To work on quilting projects when one should be doing laundry, making dinner or cleaning the house."

She got the idea from my piece, "Flawesome," (see below) which means: "An individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome anyway."