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    Who doesn't need the reminder to BREATHE?!  Do it with me...deep breath in through the nose.  Hold it for as long as you are comfortable.  Slowly release it through the mouth.  Now don't you feel better? 

    The story of this piece:

    • It started with a layer of gesso (like primer) on 6 x 12 x .75" inch birch wood cradleboard.
    • Then I used chalk pastels to color an old sewing pattern.
    • I pasted the pattern on the board using matte medium.
    • I added stamps with ink and used stencils with acrylic paint to create an interesting background.
    • I created the letters, BREATHE, using Photoshop. Each letter is a flower. 
    • The music comes from an antique music magazine from the 1930’s.
    • The postmark and stamp are a copy from a letter I used in another piece. That letter was from the late 1800’s as the postmark indicates. 
    • The other pieces were created in Photoshop. I merged the text of the dictionary definition for the word, breathe, with a picture (butterfly, flower and dragonfly) where I had modified the transparency to make it see through.  So all of the pieces except the post mark and stamp, have the word, "breathe."
    • After pasting the pieces in place with matte medium, I outlined all of the pieces with charcoal pencil, then shaded the lines.

     12" X 6" X .75" on birch wood cradleboard