You Are Everything

    You Are Everything

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    Here's the story of how this piece was created:

    • It started with a layer of gesso (like primer) on 12 x 16 inch canvas.
    • I used matte medium (like glue) to paste down many different papers to create an interesting background. Most of the papers come from antique and vintage sources. Notice that the background has dictionary pages for the definitions of the words, Belong, Miracle and Enough.
    • I used stencils and acrylic paint to further the background interest.
    • I painted the background with a brown wash (watered down paint) to further the antique look.
    • I found a picture of the earth and adjusted the saturation, lightness and size to work with the piece.
    • The small letters were individually stamped, word by word.
    • I created the larger letters using Photoshop. Each letter is a flower. I cut and pasted each one.
    • After pasting the pieces in place with matte medium, I outlined the larger words with charcoal pencil, then shaded the lines.
    • Lastly, I used a spray varnish to finish it.

    The quote comes from, “The Comfort Book,” by Matt Haig.