Welcome Pumpkin

Welcome Pumpkin

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This piece will be available at the Charlotte Art League starting 9/11/2021, or you can purchase it here.

Here is the story of how this piece was created:

• I gessoed (like primer) an 8 x 10 x .25” MDF board. I don’t typically use MDF board, but due to the crazy housing/building market, lumber is expensive, and my usual birch wood cradle boards have doubled in price, so I decided to use what I have laying around.

• I painted the sky using paynes grey (it looks almost black), a mixture of blues, and violet along with gloss glazing liquid to help blend the colors.

• I painted the ground with paynes grey mixed with matte medium (like a glue) to give it texture and a 3D effect.

• The moon is courtesy of NASA.

• I painted the pumpkin then photographed it and Photoshopped it to add the Welcome text.

• I painted the broom and added some ribbon.

• The hat is clip art, and I added ribbon to it.

• I painted the edges paynes grey.

• I did some shading and blending.

• Lastly, I used a spray varnish to finish the piece.