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Heather Burnell Art

You Deserve Your Love and Affection

You Deserve Your Love and Affection

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As much as anyone in the entire Universe, you deserve your love and affection. - Buddha

Notice that the background of the text has the silhouette of a person expressing joy. That is because they have shown themselves love and affection.  

I Photoshopped that silhouette onto a picture of the Universe.

Most of the Universe pictures are from Nasa's photo gallery.  One could get lost in there because the pictures are so beautiful.  

A few pictures came from

After I pasted the pictures, I added fluid acrylic paint. Then I added the gold and copper moon and star shapes using light molding paste.  Finally, I painted those moon and star shapes with mica flakes and glass beads.

If you Google, "11:11," you'll find that some people repeatedly see the numbers, "11:11." When I see those numbers or that time, I remind myself to live consciously.  Maybe now I'll remind myself that I deserve love and affection.

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