Artful Collage Creations Details

You can view a larger version of the final piece on the Artful Collage Creations product page. Scroll further down this page to see the video of how I created this piece.

Pictures tell the story of our lives. If you watched the video on my "About Heather" page, you know that my mission is to help others remember that we are here to grow our souls. A piece like this is a wonderful reminder of how our souls and lives have grown and changed along our journey.

I will work with you before I start to get your ideas for what pictures to highlight and what kind of art to include.  I will also keep you posted with progress pictures. 

I require a 50% up front booking fee to begin working on an Artful Collage Creation. Once I finish the piece, I require that the remainder be paid before I ship it. (Shipping is complimentary within the U.S.)  The size and price options are listed below. Each piece is created on birch wood art board. The "depth" represents how deep the art board is.

The following sped up video shows part of the process.