When I asked some of my customers how my art makes them feel, they said:

Exuberant, Enlivened, Joyful, Happy, Positive and Loved!

Life is for Living, Loving & Exploring

"My beautiful art arrived. It is beyond words. I am beaming from ear to ear. You are soooo talented. I absolutely love it. I am just sitting here starring at it. It is beauteous."

- Toni Miller

Extraordinary Opportunity for Light

"I have the privilege of owning Heather Burnell’s 'Extraordinary opportunity for light.' The mixed media used in the piece accentuates the light and the dark. She is a gifted artist as demonstrated in this piece that makes me feel hopeful and peaceful. Her use of light even in the darkness with the moon, brings a feeling of happiness and the potential for joy. I will treasure this piece and use it for inspiration on a daily basis. I am in love with this artwork." 

- Kate Rogers

Let Your Dreams Blossom

"Heather - You are a very talented lady.
I am very proud to have one of your original pieces of art, “Let Your Dreams Blossom."  The first time I saw it, it spoke to me…. I love it...The colors are bright and the art work is imaginative. 

- Toni Miller

Color Riot

"Color Riot "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Color Riot! The best thing about Heather’s art is the way it makes me feel – happy, hopeful, positive. Color Riot does this for me every time I look at it. Everyone needs the lift that Color Riot gives!"  

- Rebecca Jones

The Time is Now with Butterflies

"My wife was delighted with her surprise."  

- Lawrence Toppman