When I asked some of my customers how my art makes them feel, they said:

Exuberant, Enlivened, Joyful, Happy, Positive and Loved!

Extra-ordinary Opportunity for Light

"The mixed media used in the piece, accentuates the light and the dark. Heather is a gifted artist as demonstrated in this piece that makes me feel hopeful and peaceful. Her use of light even in the darkness with the moon, brings a feeling of happiness and the potential for joy. I will treasure this piece." - Kate Rogers

Fabrica-dabra & Proquilt-inate

Lil Sklenarik is a quilter and commissioned me to make these 2 whimsical pieces. Fabricadabra is an "exclamation: to take a piece of fabric and magically turn it into a masterpiece." Proquiltinate is a "verb: to work on quilting projects when one should be doing laundry, making dinner, or cleaning." Lil loved them and said I "got it."

Let Your Dreams Blossom

"Heather - You are a very talented lady.
I am very proud to have one of your original pieces of art, “Let Your Dreams Blossom."  The first time I saw it, it spoke to me…. I love it...The colors are bright and the art work is imaginative. 

- Toni Miller

Color Riot

"Color Riot "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Color Riot! The best thing about Heather’s art is the way it makes me feel – happy, hopeful, positive. Color Riot does this for me every time I look at it. Everyone needs the lift that Color Riot gives!" - Rebecca Jones

The Time is Now with Butterflies

"My wife was delighted with her surprise." - Lawrence Toppman"