Artful Collage Creations Events Details



The above Creation includes 3D elements made from modeling paste, as identified by the arrows in the photo below:


I can either paint over the pictures with a transparent paint so they are in the background (which is what I did with the above collage), or not use paint on the pictures. If I do use paint, I can choose a few photos to add on top of the painted originals so some pictures "pop," as shown below:

An option to add to the festiveness of your event, is to host me creating the Artful Collage during the event. For example, I will attend your wedding reception, and your guests may email me their candid photos. I will have a laptop and printer at the event, and begin your collage right there. (I am willing to travel to anywhere in Mecklenburg County, NC or up to 1 hour from Pineville, NC.)

Prior to your event, we will discuss what you want included and excluded, colors, 3D elements, key people to include, any mementos to be added, etc.

I require a 50% up front booking fee to begin working on an Artful Collage Creation. Once I finish the piece, I require that the remainder be paid before I deliver or ship it. (Shipping is complimentary within the U.S.)  The size and price options are listed below. Each piece is created on birch wood art board. The "depth" represents how deep the art board is.

If you want me to attend the event and begin the collage, the charge is an additional $50/hour including travel time to and from the event and set up time.

To discuss details and confirm availability, please click here to schedule a complementary meeting that is convenient for you.

After you schedule a meeting, I will email you to confirm if you would like to meet in person, online or by phone. 

Alternatively, you may email me at or call or text me at 704.534.1017.

After we meet, I will send you the link to pay the booking fee and a custom link to pay for any travel, set up and event costs.