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Scroll Down to see the Galleries where you can find my work. Here are a Few of my Favorite Pieces:

The paintings on this page are a sample of some of my favorite works. When you click the "Shop Now" button, you'll be taken to the product page with all the pieces that are currently available.

Come Alive

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What if You Fly

This piece is a great example of Mixed Media. See my blog post on how I created it.

What if You Fly Blog

How the Light Gets In

It's hard to remember when I'm going through a "dark" period that without the darkness, I can't appreciate the Light. This saying is a great reminder of that.

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The Dreamers

This is another saying I love for its truth. I have to surround myself with positive people so I can experience Positivity.

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The Time is Now

Mindfulness is an on-going challenge for me, and I bet it is for many people. This painting reminds me to practice mindfulness.

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Galleries Where You Can Find My Work

Charlotte Art League

Charlotte Art League,
4100A Raleigh St. Charlotte, NC 28213

This picture isn't representative of my current work at Charlotte Art League. I rent space there and change the content frequently.

TAC Gallery

TAC Gallery,
3225 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

Art Room Bar & Art Gallery

Art Room Bar & Art Gallery,
1001 East Sugar Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28205

The Bag Lady Intuitive Gifts

The Bag Lady Intuitive Gifts,
1516 E. 4th St Charlotte, NC 28204