Some of my favorite pieces follow below.

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    What if You Fly

    This piece is a great example of Mixed Media. See my blog post on how I created it.

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    How the Light Gets In

    It's hard to remember when I'm going through a "dark" period that without the darkness, I can't appreciate the Light. This saying is a great reminder of that.

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    The Dreamers

    This is another saying I love for its truth. I have to surround myself with positive people so I can experience Positivity.

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    The Time is Now

    Mindfulness is an on-going challenge for me, and I bet it is for many people. This painting reminds me to practice mindfulness.

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    I am so “grateful” for this beautiful piece of art that I recently purchased from mixed media artist, Heather Burnell.  I ordered the piece online and was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved it even more when it was right before my eyes. I appreciate the love and talent that can be seen in every detail. Additionally, the production process is described on the back side of the piece. Just beautiful! - Carrie F.

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    Color Riot

    "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Color Riot! The best thing about Heather’s art is the way it makes me feel – happy, hopeful, positive. Color Riot does this for me every time I look at it. It hangs in my office so I can see it often. I have throw pillows with the Color Riot print, so I see it in my living room. My Color Riot magnet on the fridge reminds me that I am beautiful. Everyone needs the lift that Color Riot gives!" - Rebecca J.

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    Christy's Sunflowers

    I commissioned a piece from Heather after seeing her beautiful, vibrant work on her website. I gave her a general idea of what I wanted (a theme of “Joy” reflected in sunflowers) and she created a piece way beyond my expectations! So much color, texture, and happy vibes. It is something I will treasure forever. - Christy C.

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    Barbara Ruth's Joy

    I'm a fellow member of the Charlotte Art League withHeather Burnell. All of her work is colorful and lighthearted, yet with a lot ofvisual depth in the painting of them. Her work brings a smile to my face! The theme of my home is "Joy", so I commissioned Heather to create aplaque with the word JOY on it, for my home.  I specified the size.Along with the word, JOY, Heather painted a dragonfly on it also, which Ilove!  She told me what color she was using on the border, it's a deeprich magenta.  Although the colors are rich and deep that she used tocreate this artwork, the look she created is lightness.  Heather isconstantly creating new works of art, the creative spirit definitely flowsthrough her!  Thank you, Heather!  - Barbara R.

    Out of the Chaos & Into the Music

    I recently purchased a vibrant piece of artwork from Heather Burnell. The huge draw for me is the intense colors. This new piece will go very well with another piece I already have. Heather’s sense of mixing colors to just the right amount - without going over the top - is a gift she shares with the world. The pieces make me smile every time I look at them. A delight for the eye. The shipping was very fast as well, so I didn’t have to wait too long to admire my new piece. Uplifting and energetic! - Liliane S.

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    Fabricadabra & Proquiltinate

    My friend, Lil, is a quilter and commissioned me to make these 2 whimsical pieces. Fabricadabra is an "exclamation: to take a piece of fabric and magically turn it into a masterpiece." Proquiltinate is a "verb: to work on quilting projects when one should be doing laundry, making dinner, or cleaning." Lil loved them and said I "got it," which I consider very high praise for a commission!