We Are Beautiful Just The Way We Are

We Are Beautiful Just The Way We Are


Heather Burnell Artist



 I'm taking the Artpreneur Academy course, and the instructor, Jenna Webb, said that it is important to post pictures of ourselves on line so our potential customers can get to know us. Like most people, I hate pictures of myself, especially right now because I've had a medical issue and couldn't exercise and gained weight.  

I'm appreciative of the #haas (health at any size) movement and the #bodypositivity movement.  I have struggled with liking my body image my entire life.  It didn't matter what I weighed or what my size was.  

Someone I was talking to about this said she lost all her hair.  During that time, she really focused on her inner spirit. It was good for me to hear, what I already know, that it is what is on the inside that matters.

That is part of why I focus my art on positivity.  I have to flood my mind with positive thoughts because it is so easy for the negative ones to take over. 

For today, remember that You Are Beautiful just the way you are!

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You rock!!! Thank you for sharing your gift and beautiful spirit.


Your newsletter is like the rest of the things you create: beautiful and positive. It’s loaded with color and enjoyable to read. Keep them coming❣️👍

Christen Cardina

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