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Welcome Art

I have a welcome sign on my mailbox, a welcome mat, a welcome sign on my front door and one inside the entrance way.  It occurred to me as I thought about what to write about this piece that the word, “welcome,” obviously has a lot of meaning for me, and I had to think about why.

I often use vintage dictionaries pages in my pieces, and this one includes the definition for, “welcome.”  That definition led me to the definition for “hospitably: receiving or treating guests or strangers warmly and generously.” It also means being open to new ideas.  This is how I want to be.  I want to be welcoming to not only those that it is easy to welcome like family and friends and those who think just like me, but to strangers and those whose ideas are different from mine. 

Some of the antonyms of “welcome” are to snub or reject.  And that is truly the opposite of who I want to be.

This word helps to embody why I focus my business on Positivity.  I want to be welcoming to everyone with my art.

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