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Hi, I’m Heather, an artist with a love for positive art.

My pieces flow with positive words like Hope, Soar, Gratitude, Love, Now, Joy, Magic, Breathe, and Flawsome. (Flawsome: an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless) The quotes in my art are inspirational, motivational, moving and encouraging. Each piece resonates with Positivity and lets you know that you are more than enough just the way you are.

I’ve struggled with negative thinking throughout my life; but I’ve found that flooding my heart and soul with Positivity changed that; positive words led to positive thoughts which led to a fulfilled life. When I began to create art, it was only natural to extend my positive energy onto the canvas. When I make art, time stops, and I am in the flow. Now I have a desire to send that feeling along with Positivity out into the world and to you via my art.

My work is created using mixed media composed from a combination of artistic mediums such as acrylic paint, stamps, handmade papers, and vintage papers. Mixed media is magical because “anything goes.” For example, I’ve used ribbons, screws from an old computer, music from the 1800’s, and ads from a 1930’s issue of “Life” magazine; in addition, I often include the definition of the positive word from an old dictionary. My work frequently includes 3D elements such as a dragonfly, butterfly or flower made with modeling paste or a similar medium. All of the elements are combined to make interesting and textured backgrounds which allow the Positivity subject to take center stage.

On a personal note, I’m from Charlotte, NC, USA. I have two grown sons and a very loving boyfriend who fully supports my artistic journey.

Thanks for being here and listening to my art story. See the menu options at the top of the screen to check out more of my story in my blog, and sign-up below for my private list so we can stay in touch.

Namaste ("The sacred in me recognizes the sacred in you." ~ Wikipedia)