eCommerce Website Class for Artists

    Doors open soon.  

    Here's what you will get:

    Tier 1

    • 10 videos
    • Lifetime Access to 10 manuals, totaling 200 pages
    • Lifetime Access to 2.5 hours of video you can do at your own pace
    • Lifetime updates. I will email you a link when I make a change, Shopify makes a change or I find an interesting new app to work with Shopify.

    Tier 2

    • Everything in Tier 1 plus:
    • I will reply to up to 20 email questions you have pertaining to the class material.

    Tier 3 

    • Everything in Tier 2 plus:
    • Two 45 minute Zoom video calls with me to review the class material.

    I've noticed that many artists either don't have a website or they only display their work on a website.  The site doesn't have the functionality to allow potential customers to buy their creative work.  Adding the functionality to allow the customer to checkout on your website makes it an eCommerce website.

    Some artists use their gallery's website to sell art, but the gallery takes anywhere from 25-50% of the sale.

    Other artists use Art Storefronts, which according to the Abundant Artist ( is a print on demand service as opposed to a site where you can sell your original art.  Set up cost is $500 plus up to $59/month.

    Starting soon, you can create and learn to maintain your own eCommerce website, which will give you complete control over your eCommerce business.  I will teach you how to get your own domain name (like from GoDaddy, the world's largest domain hosting service and most importantly, how to build and maintain your eCommerce website using Shopify, the world's best eCommerce website platform. (The Abundant Artist names Shopify as their top pick.)

    You need no website experience whatsoever.  I will walk you through each step of the way. (You do need a computer and the basic knowledge of how to operate it. )

    Here's what you will learn:

      • How to use GoDaddy to create and register your domain name. (GoDaddy is not a requirement to take this class.  If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to Shopify.)
      • Set up your Shopify eCommerce store.
        • Set preferences.
        • Customize your theme.
        • Customize your home page.
        • Add products and product images.
        • Edit and bulk edit products.
        • Search Engine Optimization
        • Set up a product collection.
        • Create menus.
        • Change “Sold” default text to “Email me for Commission.”
        • Change inventory counts.
        • Set up payments.
        • Set up discount codes.
        • Set up pop-ups like, “Subscribe to my newsletter.”
        • Create a newsletter.
        • Capturing and maintaining a customer list and tying it to your newsletter.
        • Shipping
        • Order fulfillment
        • Blog posts
        • Automated emails
      • Set up Facebook and Instagram to sell your Shopify products.
      • Shopify automatically does the work to make your website look great on a phone.  You don't have to do any extra steps.

    Why me?

    • I'm an artist.
    • I have an MBA in Information Systems and a 30+ year career in Information Technology where I helped develop corporate websites, maintained a non-profit's website and, most importantly, built my own art website.
    • My resume includes teaching technology in a classroom setting.
    • I have the technical and teaching skills to help you get your website up and running and the artistic skills to know that your business is unique.


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