Deep Inside You Are Already Enough Just Because You Are

    Deep Inside You Are Already Enough Just Because You Are

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    This one sold, but I can make you something similar.  Email me at for a commission.

    Elizabeth Lesser is an author and co-founder of Omega Institute.

    There is Truth with a capital "T" in this piece.  Feeling like Enough has always been something I struggled with.  This piece is a great reminder that I don't have to do anything to be enough.

    The story of how I created this piece:

    • It started with a layer of gesso (like primer) on 6 x 12 x .75" inch birchwood cradleboard.
    • I used a technique I often use, which is to add multiple layers of paint, including Titan Buff, and then rubbing paint off to give the background a weathered look.
    • The dictionary page includes the definition for the word, enough.
    • The “ENOUGH” letters were made in Photoshop. Each letter was made from a picture of a flower.
    • The words were stamped on papers I made with a gelli plate, which is the consistency of Jello. I added multiple colors of acrylic paint to the gelli plate and rolled them together without mixing them. I pressed rice paper on the plate, let it dry, and repeated the process multiple times then stamped the words on the papers. I glued them down with matte medium.
    • Lastly, I painted the sides, and finished with a spray varnish.