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Heather Burnell Art

Dream Create Inspire Version 1

Dream Create Inspire Version 1

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I created this piece, originally, to submit to the Art Pop Street Gallery's Cities program.  The program admits 20 artists per year, and among other opportunities, the artist's work is placed on a Charlotte area billboard.

After I created this piece, I realized that Art Pop Street's logo is placed over the piece in one corner.  I had to re-create the piece to account for the logo's size.

This is the first piece where the logo will not fit well.

This piece is 12" x 24" x 1.5" on art board. The piece submitted for the Cities program consideration has to be cropped to 7" X 24."  That size is the middle of the piece, excluding the grass and sky.  The size was challenging since it is not one I am used to working with.

Another challenge was to ensure that nothing I used broke any copyright laws.  I learned that advertisements published before 1978 are not covered by copyright law.  Luckily, I have several old magazines with ads. I learned about Wiki Commons and fair use.  

The background is an array of mixed media papers and acrylic paints.  All the other elements are 3-D, made from light molding paste.

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