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Heather Burnell Art



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When I first bought my house and before I painted or added furniture, I had it feng shui'd by a professional.  When I was done decorating, it felt like sinking into a hot bath to walk in the front door.  Other sensitive people noticed how good it felt too.

Now, 17 years later, I live with 3 adult "cave men," and a cat who could care less about how a home feels.  I've had to compromise my feng shui principles.

But what I still cling to when it comes to home is:

  • A place where we can sit around the dinner table and lose track of time talking about anything and everything.
  • The space where I create art.
  • It's where my cozy bed lives.
  • And even though I live with "cave men" who don't care about feng shui, home is where they are, and therefore, home is love.
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