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Heather Burnell Art

Love with 3-D Hearts

Love with 3-D Hearts

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A psychologist, John Lee, in the 1970's studied Latin and Greek and identified three primary forms of love. “Eros” denotes passion and desire, “ludus” refers to flirtatious, playful affection, and “storgē” describes familial or companionate bonds of care.  Sanskrit has 96 words for love.  English has one. 

Which leads me to art.  Art is much better at expressing feelings (unless you have the lyrical gift of Lord Byron or my boyfriend who writes fantastical love poetry!). 

I didn't have 3 words for love, so I made 3 hearts out of tissue paper and matte medium (like a glue).

The papers on the edges and below the text, LOVE were made with gelli papers.  A gelli plate has the consistency of Jell-O.  I put different colors of paint on the plate and roll them together without mixing them.  I put rice paper on the plate and peel it back.  I let it dry and repeat the process until I get the effect you see here.

The background is different layers of browns added with a palette knife for texture.

It is 10 x 10 x .75 on birchwood cradleboard.

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