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Heather Burnell Art



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I've created many pieces with the theme, "SOAR."  This is one of those words that speaks to me, but when I started to write about it, I had to turn to the dictionary to help me understand why.  One of the definitions is: "to ascend to a higher ... level."  A-ha.  That's it. I'm never satisfied just staying the same.  I want to continue my journey and "level up," so to speak.  

Oxford physicist Sir Roger Penrose hypothesizes that, "there is a connection between the brain's biomolecular processes and the basic structure of the universe." 

That theory makes sense to me.  The universe continues to expand, so I should too.  If the universe is depending on my consciousness growing, then I'd better SOAR.  

This is a mixed-media piece.  The elements are 3D, and come up off the canvas, which was covered with acrylic paint using a palette knife.

The papers on the edges, on the butterfly and below the text, SOAR, were made with gelli papers.  A gelli plate has the consistency of Jell-O.  I put different colors of paint on the plate and roll them together without mixing them.  I put rice paper on the plate and peel it back.  I let it dry and repeat the process until I get the effect you see here.

It is 11 x 14 in a 1.25" black frame.

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